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Craig Thein has three boys participating with Panther wrestling and also works with the youth wrestling program.

Jason Elsmore has three kids participating with Panther wrestling and is an assistant coach for the youth program.  Jason is active with the MNUSA girls program.

Jason Lindahl has a son wrestling with the youth program.  Jason is also an assistant coach and Pine Island wrestling alumni.

Jen Schroeder has two boys wrestling with the youth program. Jen is a Pine Island alumni along with her husband Dustin who is a coach and PI wrestling alumni.

Gerianne has two kids wrestling with ththe Panther youth program.  Gerianne helps with the program in many ways outside of the board.

Bill Frame is a PI wrestling alumni, historian and has coached the high school program for over 30 years before retiring from coaching in 2019.

Mike Muller has four kids in the Pine Island wrestling program and also works with the youth program.

Sara Schaefer has a son wrestling witht the youth program.  Sara is active in many youth programs in Pine Island.

Jason Kothenebeutel has two kids in the Panther youth program and will be working on some exciting upcoming events.

YOU...YES YOU!  We want you to help us work together to provide even more exciting opportunities for our Panther wrestlers.  Please contact for more information.